Liebe's Home of Hope provides a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of each individual. We provide person-centric and community-centric services designed to empower and enrich the lives of the people we support and serve through skill development and enhancement, community life, advocacy while honoring their preferences, choices and abilities to pursue their own dreams. 

Residential services

Residential services are designed to provide individualized care in environment settings that foster a heightened quality of life and independence for people receiving our services. Residential services can range from in-home support where employees provide support to people in their own homes to housing in small group settings. Our residential services offer many levels of support and settings. All residential programs provide trained staff to work with residents with varying degrees of need from profound to mild developmental disabilities and those who are medically fragile. Residential staff members assist individuals when needed and teach everyday life skills such as meal planning and preparation, housekeeping, shopping, money management, self-care, leisure time planning and much more. Residential service types can range from group homes to services in private homes including continuous home, shared living, independent living, supported family, extended family homes, etc...


Shared Living Services

Our Shared Living Service allows people to reside in a family-style home with care provided by our team members. The Shared Living Provider offers a safe and structured living environment for an individual with intellectual or developmental disability. A type of shared living arrangement is established, with the person supported contributing to costs via a room and board payment. Additionally, the subcontractor is paid to support the person to live and become fully integrated into community life. Supports include formal training, based on the person’s identified goals, as well as development of interests and connections that enable the person to be a fully participating and contributing member of the community. 

Day Services

Day Services include habilitative day programs for both groups and individuals, skill development programs, and community integration events. Our day services are designed to assist the individual in the acquisition, improvement, and retention of skills necessary to enable him/her to live and work successfully and independently as possible in his/her home and the community. They are directed at developing, improving, or maintaining skills to maximize employment and inclusion and can include behavioral in-home habilitation, host home-residential habilitation, medication in-home habilitation, community integrative habilitation, environmental modeling and assessment, transportation, transition services, etc...

Respite Services

Respite services are designed to help the primary caregiver with intermittent, temporary relief from the continuous support and/or care of the individual while still providing those under their care with compassionate support options without having to sacrifice their own well-being. Over time, our respite services help to strengthen the continued support the caregiver provides while exposing their oved one to opportunities they might not otherwise have access to in their daily routine.

Vocational services

Our vocational services designed to prepare and help the individual enter the workforce. We work with local businesses to create community employment while providing them spaces to learn job skills and work with our professional vocational rehabilitation specialists to hone their interpersonal and tactile skills. Jobs are matched to individuals' abilities, skills and interests and are re-evaluated regularly. Jobs can include assembly work in sheltered workshops, customer service, as well as workgroups and individuals working at local businesses. Individuals are supported by a job coach based on needs with some working independently in the community.